Welcome to the Houseplant Headquarter. We used to sell houseplants, as the name might suggest, but we no longer do that. We have decided to focus instead on teaching people to grow their own houseplants. Not only does this save them money, it is also better for the environment. And so much more rewarding!

Hello, I’m Alina.

A few years ago, I converted my basement into an indoor garden and began growing my own vegetables. I have since expanded this garden to grow all sorts of plants. My very first lights were simple fluorescent bulbs from home depot, but I soon switched to a standard HID lighting system, with MH bulbs for the vegging cycle and HPS bulbs for the flowering.

Just in the past few months, I have been switching over to LED grow lights. It was slow going at first, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’m getting far better results than I ever did with the other lighting types. My houseplants are growing faster and yielding more. Now I’m recommending LED lights to everyone, so they can enjoy their indoor gardens as much as I am.

Bottom line: I absolutely love growing plants in my house and just know that you will love it too. So stop buying your houseplants and start buying their seed instead. Grow those seeds yourself with some quality LED lights and you, too, can feel the thrill of watching your houseplant babies grow up before your very eyes. Happy growing!


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