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New Ceramic Travel Mug Lets Me Drink Tea On Road To Buy Houseplants

By   11/08/2019

If you read the site, you know there are two things I really love: houseplants and tea. Actually, I love gardening of any kind, but I especially love indoor gardening. That is mainly because it is something you can do all year round, no matter what the weather is like. I do like getting outdoors and working in a real garden, but I enjoy working indoors in my garden almost as much. And since I can do it anytime, I prefer it to an outdoor garden.

As for tea, that is something I have enjoyed for many, many years. I’ve always loved drinking tea and, as you may know, I have started growing some. Since I like indoor gardening, it only made sense to grow tea since it is one of my favorite things. I got myself some specialized plant grow lights, specifically LED grow lights, to help me grow those tea plants. And that has been working very well.

I’ve always enjoyed tea at home, at certain times of the day. I like to have some in the morning and also some in the afternoon and never really drank it with meals. I also never really drank it when I was outside the house. But I recently decided to change that second thing. I want to drink tea while I was on the road. I find water boring, and I don’t want to drink coffee from a thermos like most people. I wanted to drink tea from a thermos.

But instead of using a regular thermos, I decided to get a beautifully painted ceramic travel mug. I decided to get a double-walled ceramic mug, because I feel that tea tastes better out of a ceramic cup. A metal thermos lends a metallic taste to whatever is inside and a plastic one gives it a plastic taste. Not if you’re drinking cold, but if you are drinking a hot liquid, this is true. And glass is more brittle than ceramic and also doesn’t insulate as well.

ceramic tea mug

I know that ceramic does not insulate the same as a metal thermos or a plastic one, but it is good enough. My tea does not get all that cold by the time I’m finished. The most important things for me are that it taste good and that it looks really cool.

It also comes with a lid to help keep my drink warm longer and to prevent spills. I’m really happy with this to-go cup and if I wanted to, I could even use it to get cheaper coffee at a lot of locations. When you bring your own cup, they give you a bit of a discount, because it reduces garbage.

I drive myself a lot in my own car, so I had to make sure that my travel mug fits into a cup holder. But if you take public transport, you might also want to get one with a wide bottom, so that it doesn’t spill when it is standing on the little tray table.

I make a lot of trips every week to the garden center to buy new houseplants and to buy tools to take care of the ones I already have. I like to do this in the morning, so I either had to wait until I finished my tea or go without drinking my tea. Now, I can enjoy my tea while I am on the road. The saves a ton of time. I really happy with this travel mug solution.